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The Beach CRA's Margaritaville giveaway was featured on WLRN's Sundial program.  Mayor Levy explained how this was a win/win for Hollywood taxpayers.  


Residents would love to have seen even one-half (50%) of that windfall invested in their neighborhoods. Please comments at the link below. 


For those residents who miss the days when the price for parking at the beach was reasonable, just know that you may never see those affordable prices ever again. They are already considering the need to raise prices higher in the future.  


The City Commissioners need to know that enough is enough! The City Commission is the CRA Board.  Now is the time for Hollywood residents to speak out about the money “wasting away again in Margaritaville”, while the rest of the City is left behind to fend for itself.
<![CDATA[What is the Beach CRA?]]>Mon, 23 Jul 2018 02:27:21 GMThttp://onehollywood.org/blog/what-is-the-beach-craA CRA is a Community Redevelopment Agency which cities create to fight "slum and blight". The City of Hollywood created its Beach CRA more than twenty (20) years ago to fight "slum and blight" on the beach. For those fortunate enough to own property on the beach, the Beach CRA District has flourished. Beach property values have exploded.
The CRA is run by a Board, the Hollywood City Commission. They are one and the same group.

As we know, every year, the City Commission grapples with City budget shortfalls. City jobs get threatened despite the dramatic growth in beach properties, and the related growth in tax funding going to the Beach CRA.  For everyone else, those tax dollars flowing from the beach — which is the economic engine of the city and that belongs to all residents -- cannot be used to improve any of our neighborhoods outside of the beach. As things stand now, the Beach CRA does not expire until 2027.

To make things clear, when it comes to the Beach CRA, the City Commission can and does spend up to 1 million dollars on each street on the beach. Despite the Beach CRA being able to spend all of that tax money on beach properties, the City Commission’s hands are tied. They can’t use any of those funds outside of the Beach. Consequently, the recent capital budget for streets, beautification, etc. for the rest of the City outside of the CRA, has been around 1 million dollars. Just like City residents, the City's employees have borne the brunt of the pain.  A few of our elected Commissioners see the folly of this current setup and are ready for change. We need to help make more Commissioners see the light.

Enough is enough!!! It is time for Hollywood residents to understand the devastating ongoing costs of the Beach CRA.   More to follow.

It's time to share the wealth of the Beach CRA's prosperity with the rest of the City. We are "One Hollywood".]]>